The first time I entered an herb shop, I knew I'd come home. The smell of an herb shop captivates me to this day. I went into the shop out of curiosity that day, but the experience started a life-long friendship between botanicals and me.  


Through an unexpected twist of fate, I ended up working at that herb shop a few months later. Then I moved to southern Wisconsin and managed an herb shop. I got first-hand experience learning about Midwestern herbs and wildcrafting them in the forests of the Kettle Moraines.


After a couple-decade divergence, I moved to Arizona. I can only describe the reason being the Land called me. After another unexpected twist of fate, I ended up writing professionally about Arizona’s backcountry. During the fieldwork for one of my four hiking guides, Arizona’s Best Wildflower Hikes: The High Country, I got re-acquainted with some old friends — herbs I had sold from those Midwestern shops. I can’t say I was ever the same since.


This website is a result of my decades of getting to know and working with the botanicals in the West, most particularly Arizona. The articles are a bit of tradition, science, and lore. Please enjoy!

- Christine Maxa